Friday, December 18, 2009

Flower arragement in the winter

When arranging flowers I take a different philosophy the most. When I start a project and it just gets uglier and uglier and even alchol doesn't help , I just tend to press on and live with it..

Rule one.

Absolutely no red flowers during the winter. What a ghastly mix red flowers and snow.

other people say

" flower arrangements are considered either formal or informal in their overall style. Formal flower arrangements are often monotone or just a couple of contrasting colors, tend to have fewer types of plants in them and can have very ornate containers."
Rule two.

If you gonna play with the delicate flowers do it outside so you don't have to vaccuum.

Rule three

Start small and work your way up.

"Informal or casual flower arrangements have a looser symmetry, can have more flowers and colors involved , or simpler – often whimsical – containers for the arrangement."

Rule four

Take your time and have fun.